Rebekah finds support, chooses life

Rebekah’s* pastor referred her to the local New Life Pregnancy Center, a ministry of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services and Family Ministries (ABCS). He urged her to schedule an appointment to meet with the center director as Rebekah found herself facing an unplanned pregnancy and was considering an abortion. She agreed to talk with the director to learn more about life-affirming options.

Rebekah came to the center at her scheduled time and spent a while talking with the director about her situation. As a believer in Jesus, Rebekah was conflicted in her decision. She had already attempted to take an abortion pill, but felt God interrupted her plans and did not allow her to do so. The director shared with Rebekah her alternatives that would mean life for her baby: placing her child for adoption or parenting.

After a long discussion and prayer together, Rebekah decided to parent her child! She and the director made a list of people in her life who support her, and she left the center knowing the staff and volunteers there would continue to support her as mother to this new baby. She also had the beginnings of a plan to raise the baby on her own. There is a lot in Rebekah’s life that seems to be against her right now, so we are praying with her that she can continue to trust God to make a way for her and her baby where there truly seems to be no way.

Thanks to funding for New Life Pregnancy Centers across the state through the Cooperative Program, churches and individuals, women like Rebekah can feel supported choosing life for their unborn children and be introduced to or reminded of the hope and care God provides.

*Name changed


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