3 takeaways from Leadership Pipeline

Trey Van Camp, lead pastor, Passion Creek Church, Queen Creek –

A few months back, an old friend of mine sent me this quote from Carey Nieuwhof, “The main reasons churches never pass the 200 attendance mark aren’t spiritual, they’re structural.” I remember it simultaneously giving me a sigh of relief and a spike of anxiety. It gave me relief because it reminded me that God is the one who gives the growth (1 Cor. 3:7) and we must continue to be faithful with God’s Word. However, it gave me a spike of anxiety because I knew this was the problem we have been having but I didn’t know how to bring about the solution.

Fast forward a couple months, the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention gave my team an opportunity to learn from Mac Lake to develop a leadership development pipeline that will give us the structure needed to fulfill the vision God has given us. It has been a direct answer to prayer, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

To be honest, we are in the middle of the process, but there are a few takeaways that have already helped our church. First, we’ve been pleasantly surprised that a leadership pipeline isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t take intelligence as much as it takes intentionality.

The second takeaway is that Mac has helped me see that “leadership pipeline” is another word for discipleship. I used to always buy into the myth that structure has a way of using people rather than caring for people.

There are so many more, but the last takeaway is that our church plant will not have as many burnouts. Sadly, I have failed several people by mistaking their work ethic as an excuse to run them into the ground. This is probably my biggest regret in the last two years and I look forward to changing that.

I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to every church that gives to the Cooperative Program, which helps fund this training. We are currently reaching a lot of young people who do not have much to give and our budget would not normally allow us to receive this high caliber training at such a low cost. So thank you!


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