Sharing the Good News: servant leadership and sweat equity

By Jeff —

Keith Henry hauled some boxes and furniture with me one hot August morning in 2007. Since my wife and I had just moved from Central Asia to Tempe to serve with the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention as Christian Challenge directors, all our earthly possessions were packed in a shipping container outside our apartment complex. Keith was my new boss, and here he was enduring the sweltering 116-degree heat to get me moved in. Over the course of the four years I worked for the ASBC, I learned a great deal about servant leadership.

Today, living once again in Central Asia, we have the unique privilege to put those lessons to practice as we serve 100+ cross cultural worker families spread throughout a country of more than 70 million Muslims. These workers and I are supported by your gifts through the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. In my role in Central Asia, I assist fellow workers to find and secure housing, acquire and maintain vehicles, obtain necessary documentation for residence, perform upkeep on company properties, ship and store belongings, and even unload moving trucks!

Your gifts through the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering allow our ministries to move forward in a context where nearly every person we encounter has never heard the Good News. My job allows me to work alongside or build business relationships with local realtors, car dealers, repairmen, movers, hardware store owners, and government workers, telling the story as we go. Pray for the salvation of “Matt,” who runs a moving company we hire numerous times a month, and “Hank,” who owns a hardware store that I frequent weekly. We trust that our efforts in this culture are earning what my friend Eddy Pearson likes to call “sweat equity”: the right to be heard earned through a little hard work. Thank you for striving with us.


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