A night out in Yuma

By Scott Little, associate pastor of Stone Ridge, Yuma –

When invited to an event where you are not quite sure what to expect, it creates a bit of anxiousness. The thoughts of “Who am I going to see?”, “Will I know anyone?”, “What will we talk about?” fill the mind. Then it happens!

On October 11, the area pastors and wives walked into the Yuma Pastors & Wives Date Night at Tierra Fertil. Greeted by staff from the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention and Yuma Southern Baptist Association, we were ushered into the grand room decorated in a picnic style theme. We arrived at our table, where we were paired up with two other ministry couples, who by the end of the night would become friends. Waiting for us was a delicious beverage and an exquisite, mouthwatering salad. Flitting around the room were the AZSBC staff waiting to serve, whether it was refilling drinks, picking up empty dishes or delivering a delightful, fabulous dinner. But wait — no dessert?

The evening progressed into a table version of “The Newlywed Game,” in which questions were asked of the men as the women left the room to pick out a scrumptious dessert. After revealing the answers, the system was reversed and the men got to pick a dessert while the women worked to answer questions. Whether it was young, old, in English or Spanish, everyone could relate to the adventure of married life. Laughter and conversation ensued, as well as a few well intentioned elbows, glances and giggles.

As the night ended, each couple received a gift bag that contained the materials for many more date nights over the year to come. Very Encouraging!
The Yuma Pastors and Wives Date Night was made possible by the gifts of Arizona Southern Baptist churches across the state through the Cooperative Program, and for this, we are very grateful.


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