Reaching children through VBS

By Kelcey Fry, state VBS director and family pastor at HiWay Baptist Church, Mesa –

ZOOM IN! FOCUS ON JESUS! At this spring’s State VBS Conference, held April 6 at Royal Palms Baptist Church in Phoenix, church leaders came to learn and prepare to share Jesus with children all around Arizona through local Vacation Bible Schools. More than 260 people from 47 churches attended the training.

The annual conference focuses on training local church volunteers to better reach the children in the community around them. Leaders took part in worship rallies full of prizes that benefit their churches’ VBS. All who attended went to a core session that focused on teaching their specific class: 1st grade, music, crafts, youth, etc. (This year we also added recreation and snacks.) They also chose two breakout sessions that focused on different challengess that arise in VBS: Sharing the Gospel with Children, Secrets to Reaching Gen Z, Training Youth to Lead VBS, etc. This year, we decided to shorten the conference from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., loading every minute with great information and training. We even gave out $2,000 in PRIZES!

Vacation Bible School is still one of the biggest evangelism tools that a church can use. On average, 10% of kids who attend a VBS are not associated with a church. For the average church in Arizona, that is somewhere between 5-10 new kids. Would reaching 5-10 new kids be a big deal for your church? LifeWay has conducted studies showing hat for every one leader trained, there is a salvation. It is just under a 1:1 ratio. Those are odds that are hard not to get behind!

We are grateful for the giving of Arizona Southern Baptist churches through the Cooperative Program, which helps us fund these conferences. This makes it easier to attend and be a part of the trainings.

Help us reach the children of Arizona and be a part of raising a generation who follows Jesus!


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