A youth minister says thanks for giving

By Jason Thomas, student pastor, The Church at Arrowhead, Glendale –

This was the first year that The Church at Arrowhead participated in the LIFT Tour. We decided to use it like a mini-Disciple Now. We recruited host families for the students to stay with and used our existing small group leaders to facilitate small group discussion on Friday night. Our students really enjoyed the weekend. The speakers did a great job keeping students engaged with biblically relevant teaching. The worship music was very upbeat and gospel-centered.

We had a student we were able to scholarship for the event who gave his life to Christ on Friday night. His family was new to our church, and this was the first event he had done with us. We followed up with his parents the next week, and they confirmed that his decision was genuine. It was obvious that his parents had told him about Jesus many times and he was just processing the truth when he came to LIFT. We had several other students repent of sins, and some others were asking really pointed questions.

The event was a success for our youth ministry. We had a young man pass from death to life and several others are on their way. This was made possible through the Cooperative Program giving of Arizona Southern Baptist churches. I have no idea what it costs to bring a group like Student Leadership University in, but I am sure that it is expensive. I can say it was worth it, and I want to thank churches who give to the Cooperative Program so that people can receive a fair hearing of the gospel and have an opportunity to have their eternal address changed. Events like this are not possible without the Cooperative Program, and I know at least one young man who is forever grateful he went!





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