Way to go, Arizona Southern Baptists!

By David Johnson, AZSBC executive director ­–

Arizona Southern Baptists have always been generous in their support of missions, but the first half of this year has exceeded all expectations. As of the end of June, $1,824,459.24 has been given to the Cooperative Program by our churches. That is over $172,000 more than last year at this time! What an amazing expression of a heart for missions that is shared by our churches.

Let me tell you a few things that have happened recently that you are a part of through giving to the Cooperative Program …

  • 77 young people made professions of faith at Zona Camp in June and 72 surrendered to ministry or missions. A total of 367 decisions were made, including recommitments and baptism.
  • A new IMB missionary was sent out from Arizona to serve in Central Asia. This person was a member of one of our new church plants that you also support through the North American Mission Board.
  • New churches are being planted among Native Americans in Keams Canyon, Steamboat Springs, and Cornfields.
  • Gateway Seminary had their largest graduating class ever, which represents leaders that have been trained to serve in our churches and in missions around the world.
  • 240 youth and adults from our Hispanic churches around the state gathered in Yuma for the Unity Conference to worship together and challenge the young people to live for Christ!

And there is much, much more that you are supporting when you give to the Cooperative Program! Thanks for your faithful and sacrificial giving to missions through the Cooperative Program. There is not a better way to support missions anywhere in the world than through this joint effort. Through it, you are touching the world. Way to go, Arizona Southern Baptists!


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