Multiplying leaders by training coaches

By Terri Durham, First Baptist Church, Arizona City –

I took up golf about five years ago. I bought a set of women’s clubs, Adidas golf shoes, glove, sun visor, and two dozen hot pink golf balls. The first time I went to the golf course with my husband, Keith, boy did I look good!

If only my golf game was as strong as my swag. I had all the right gear; I just didn’t know how to use it to make my ball soar down the center of the fairway. My swing was awful. I wanted to get better, but nothing I tried on my own worked. I needed help.

For my birthday this year, Keith bought me a one-hour golf lesson with a golf pro named Jon. In just one hour, I was hitting my driver 100 yards! Jon coached me on the proper golf grip, where to line up the ball, when to open or close the club face and how to finish strong. I had it in me all along; I just needed a coach.

Recently, I was part of Coaching Certification Training through Leader Breakthru. The Arizona Southern Baptist Convention partners with Leader Breakthru to train leaders, with financial support provided through the Cooperative Program. Leader Breakthru provides solid coaching skills, along with a focus on how to use these skills to better support the development of leaders.

Over the course of my four days of training, I observed several live demonstrations of coaching and also put my new skills to the test by coaching a fellow coach-in-training. What an amazing feeling to help someone discover the way forward!

As a ministry leader, I often get asked, “I need help, can we talk?” And then I get a lump in my throat because I know that person is expecting me to have the answer. But coaching has freed me from those lump-in-my-throat moments! As a coach, I’ve learned that to truly help someone, my role is to draw out of them what the answer is. When they discover it on their own, that’s when genuine transformation – and breakthrough – happens.

Coaching has become an essential skill for both leaders in the workplace and in the ministry context. No one gets to clarity alone; a coach helps individuals discover the way forward on their own. If you are responsible for leaders and their training, Leader Breakthru can help you become a better leader, by becoming a better coach.


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