The Cooperative Program on display

By David Johnson ­–

This coming week, the Southern Baptist Convention will hold its annual meeting in Phoenix. The theme is “Pray! For Such a Time as This.”

You will have an opportunity not only to meet some 8,000 of our extended Baptist family, but to hear and see what the Cooperative Program is doing around the world. You will hear reports from the North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, six Southern Baptist seminaries, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and Frank Page from the Executive Committee, which is responsible for the distribution of all the mission funds that are sent from our churches.

In addition to that, there will be displays and information on just about every Southern Baptist entity and institution in the country. It is like a huge Baptist trade show! But it is really more like the Cooperative Program on display.

At this meeting, you have the chance to have an up close and personal look at how the money you and your church give to missions through the Cooperative Program is used. You can ask questions, get information, and even make a motion in the meeting if you so desire.

Sometimes people in Southern Baptist churches complain that they never get to see our missionaries. Here is your chance not only to see and hear from our missionaries, but to participate in the process of spreading the gospel to all the nations! You will hear some great preaching, join in some great worship, and pray with like-minded brothers and sisters.

If you want to see the schedule or have more details, just go to This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many and I hope you will not miss it!


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