Beth Moore, Bible studies and baptisms

By Paula Hoyt, Fourcorners Association women’s ministry coordinator and Chinle city coordinator for Living Proof Live –

On October 8, 2016, in Chinle, the heart of the Navajo Nation, LifeWay and Beth Moore with Travis Cottrell brought Living Proof Live to 3,000 Native Americans. It was a time of worship and a time to receive the message of freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The results of this event were unprecedented for all involved. Never in the history of Native American people was there a gathering of this magnitude to worship our Lord and to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Beth Moore shared from the word of God to our Native people from the depths of her heart with truth and love.

Beth Moore in crowdMany lives were impacted on that day. Among the 3,000 in attendance were 20 Native nations across the United States, including all of the tribes in the state of Arizona. This event is monumental because it took place inside the Navajo Nation, where less than five percent of the 200,000 people are Christians.

In response to the message, 400 people came down throughout the arena to receive prayer. About 100 decisions were made that day, with 50 salvation decisions for the Lord. The highlight of the whole event was the outdoor baptism of 13 individuals. Overall, this event has marked us for eternity.

We have witnessed elderly and young Navajo women coming down the aisles to receive Jesus into their hearts as the Lord and Savior. There was not a dry eye in the auditorium among those who have labored for three years to see this dream come to fruition. We praise the Lord!

From this event, we have Native women in positions of leadership to disciple women in Bible studies and other ministries. Many are making efforts to follow up with women who have made decisions to follow Christ. Native women and I pray together and wait on the Lord to work on the behalf of the Native American people He loves so much. May his love be known more and more among our Native nations!

Giving through the Cooperative Program allows events like this to take place across the state. By combining our goals and offerings, opportunities are created for lives to be reached through evangelism and discipleship.


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